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This is our 6th day in Antigua and our first time finding internet. It has been FABULOUS!  Amazing scenery, lovely water, nice safe harbours and beaches. We were hoping to head out to Barbuda today but there is NO wind which makes for lousy sailing, so here we are checking out a town, being overwhelmed by the masses of people and things and noise and finally found a lovely cool spot to stop and get internet, Hooray!  We (Phil) has managed to get the extra cockpit sunshades up which is heaven after nearly sweating to death yesterday, I have successfully parked the boat and have driven lots.  Lovely animals here and goats everywhere!  We've managed to do some small hikes and snorkels and it has been great.  Expecting Barbuda to be quiet and beautiful, apparently wild donkeys adn goats and horses, can't wait!  Hopefully will internet from there again
12/14/2011 09:16:07 pm

sounds like you and Phil are having a great time! take care and have fun!


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