Sorry we haven't been writing for a while, we headed across to barbuda and have been happily in the middle of no where, nearest neighbours have been goats (in antigua) and donkeys (in barbuda).  We have been loving Antigua and Barbuda, lovely scenery, beautiful ocean, nice people, safe anchorages.  It has been a lovely visit!  Went for our first grocery shop in a week and a half, amazing considering our fridge is the size of a shoe box.  UHT milk has helped, and the boxed juices.  I still have possibly the best orange in the world to eat and Phil has discovered that in a pinch ryveta or a tortilla will substitute for bread!  
So... Antigua, Indian creek, buggy, beautiful, empty... just goats and mosquitos. Heaven
Deep bay - beautiful, calm, our first walk on a beach together, funny that!  
Barbuda - beyond amazing, reefs were mostly dead but LOTS of fish including eagle rays, sting rays and baracuda!  The most exciting, the dophin that came to play in our bow wave!  Tied for first with the family of wild donkeys we walked past!!!!  We lauchned the beagle (our sea eagle kayak). It did great, except for in a cross wind, I also invented a new past time  - being kayaked over reefs with my mask on and face in the water, very fun!  
So here we are again in antigua, going to buy some bits and pieces, saw an AMAZING christmas concert by some young kids that were loving singing an dancing.  Hopefully checking out in the next day or two and then on to Dominica, where we will probably be spending christmas! Well, missed filling you guys in and will try to write a bit more coherently soon.

12/18/2011 07:09:18 am

Dear Jen and Phil! Good to read about your progress and adventures! Good work! We spent our first Xmas as sea in Antigua...loverly! If you end-up in Dominica please look-up "Providence", (name of his boat) and give him our best! He is #1 boat-tour-guy and will show you a great time! Also, the Sat market in town is amazing....don't miss it..."best market next to Vanuatu" says Betsy! Much love, safe passage, and Merry Christmas!

Nat and Betsy


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