It has been another 2 weeks in Galapagos and we have had some wonderful adventures.  A hike with friends to see a swallowtail tern colony and blue footed boobies sealions and turtles surfing along side the surfboards.  We rented bicycles and took a taxi up to the volcano, cycled down one side to check out the Galapagos tortoise breeding colony and a cool beach then back up (which was torturous, wasn’t sure if I was going to make it) and then back down the other side, I was so tired of hauling on the brakes I didn’t even notice that my legs were tired!  A hike over lava rocks to a deserted beach we shared with some sealions and an iguana or two, a snorkel to Leon Dormido and our first sharks (cute little Galapagos ones), we kayaked around the corner and played with sealion pups and got scared when mama came to check us out, at the end there were 10 of them swirling around us, saw turtles on the way home.  On less of a fun note our  house batteries and inverter have met the end of their life.  With a lot of hilarious Spanglish I managed to find some new batteries and we once again have electricity at night (but can’t charge the small laptop b/c of the inverter thankfully we can charge the back up laptop! Phew!)  and we bought 25 gallons of water from a water purifying/radio station with the girls working in both places dancing around us and singing.  We’ve had fabulous 3.00 lunches of soup, rice, meat and juice, I’ve learned to always carry toilet paper because seats and TP are optional in bathrooms and to get used to things shutting from 12-4 for siesta.  We smile at the locals, have friends that are our taxi drivers and discovered that there is exactly 1 store on the island with softserve icecream (everyone else has run out).  Today it has been rainy and I tried to finish up provisioning but the market wasn’t open, guess we’ll be back on shore tomorrow for one last shop before a month at sea! If you don’t see position updates try not to worry (impossible I know) but really we are looking forward to our time at sea and seamonkey is ready for the trip!

Talk to you from French Polynesia!  Don’t forget to check the at sea blog and our position updates on the external link (see the at sea page) and if you get bored search for our friends on Bomboleiro (Christine and Carl) who are leaving the same day as us!  Keep us in your thoughts and we’ll send pictures when we get to the next internet spot!

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