Well we didn't quite make it on time to wish you happy new year because we were sailing across the caribbean sea! I've sailed across a sea, how cool is that (okay, just part of one but still!).  We owe you more stories about dominica etc. but right now I think we are both going to hit the hay.  Seems like we are getting better at this passage stuff, but with big seas and trade winds it was a bit lumpy and so cooking was pretty challenging and sleeping, I never knew I could love it as much as I do right now! Highlights of the passage, shooting stars, peanut butter cookies, 4 dolphins at 8:30 am this morning playing in our bow wave!  Braving 6 hours of non-medicated sailing and surviving and making lunch for Phil, it is amazing, I was planning on making soup with pasta:
step 1: pasta
step 2: soup base
step 3: add boiling water to 1 and 2 and put in a thermos
finale: you'd be surprised, I thought we'd have soup, but we had well cooked noodles!  still, I was quite proud to make phil lunch on the boat!  
Bonaire is beautiful, we have walked around a fair bit and are both excited to head out for a dive soon, but sleep beckons first.. Will write more soon I hope!

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