I just finished washing the dishes from our big Christmas feast and can't help but reflect on all of the wonderful Christmas's I've had and all the dishes we've washed!  It is a good christmas but a different one for sure.  We had a lazy morning and managed to sort out the internet, Hooray!  Made a feast of a roast chicken on the BBQ, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, carrots, broccoli, corn, and gravy, delicious, best part was the table is beside the saloon berths so after dinner we didn't have to even move before we had our nap!  I swam into the beach, the sand is incredible, really dark and beautiful.  
A huge thank-you to Alex for an amazing Christmas gift and to Peter and Sheila, Tim and Chris, you guys really made it special with your treats and made us feel not so far from home!  And for everyone we managed to get a hold of it is so good to hear your voices!  
Since we've beenWe have managed to get out for a few hikes, the Cabrits was a beautiful walk on a rainy day.  That is the way it has been going it seems, rainy mornings, sunny afternoons, loud bass and music all night (9 pm - 6 am) then quiet in the day.  The guys on small boats come and offer stuff,like tours/ fruits adn vegetables.  We managed an amazing bus ride (which deserves a blog of its own) to Roseau the main town for a great day of exploring and amazing scenery on the way.  We are anchored just off of portsmouth and yesterday we went into town for the market which was incredible, came home with beautiful christmas flowers, and more citrus than I should eat! and the passion fruit.... delicious!  So, going to rest my head but Merry Christmas to all of you.  

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