First time writing on this from the "communication station" with internet on the boat! Very exciting except every time we swing away from the wireless signal we lose connection, working on that. It has been a week of windy wet weather, not ideal but we are making it through.  The goal of today is to have the boat "ship shape" we'll see if I can actually manage putting everything in its place for once in my life!  Tropical depression Sean is swirling around in the waters near bermuda so not heading anywhere yet, but departure day grows ever nearer, possibly as early as this coming Sunday!  Hugs to everyone reading and let me know if you want any more info. I promise to try very hard to get our "getting ready" pictures up soon.  But right now the scramble to move everything off the boat and onto 981 wins out!
11/9/2011 11:32:49 am

Good Job Sailer Sis! Keep it up!

11/10/2011 03:59:15 am

Arrrrgh Billy, off to the salty seas!


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