well we are almost on the road so to speak. I have to put the last things away and put the kettle on, Phil has gone to get the last thing that we forgot from 981 then we are motoring to St. George's to check out of customs, hopefully see some dear friends and then onwards!  Thank-you everyone and look forward to telling you about a fabulous passage when we get there (don't expect much for the next 7-14 days!)
Jen and Phil
11/20/2011 03:36:18 am

Update: The 'Monkey' successfully departed Bermuda on Sunday 20 November around 13:30 with a nice ENE 15-20knot breeze to sail down south on...

11/20/2011 06:23:54 am

Go Jen and Phil! Good luck! I'll be following your adventure :-)

11/22/2011 10:43:54 pm

It's hard to believe you've finally set sail! I hope you enjoy every moment!


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