What a lovely country.  We've had a few good days exploring, rented a bike (had to ask for helmets which aren't mandatory) and drove around the island, it was so cool, so many lizards it was like the opposite of whack-a-mole, more of a dodge-a-lizard!  They were all crossing the street, luckily Phil is a great driver so they all still had their tails when we were done!  We went for a walk in the national park, it was amazing, like a completely different country, dry red soil, huge cacti and saw a white tail hawk swoop down and gobble one of our lizards on the way out!  We went to the salt flats, and to check out the local windsurfing and kiting scenes (they don't mix here) and then found an AMAZING grocery store, like being in Europe and it has so much delicious food!!!!  Our first two dives were just amazing, and even snorkelling around the boat is lovely, I saw trumpet fish, angel fish, thousands of smaller fish it seemed, very cool crabs, little segmented worms and christmas tree worms!!! Still hard to find internet, but we have found a wonderful ice cream shop that has it (Lilly's, the icecream waffle is highly recommended!).  Still some work to do on the boat, but has been nicely de-molded, have our parts from Budget marine (including a new solar shower, a bit of a pain b/c we had one in Bermuda, but can't remember everything), hopefully another dive and then off to the next port.  Pictures when we actually have internet that I can use from the boat!  

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