What a day, it started at 7:30 with a phone call to see if we could be measured, they said yes, so we rushed to lift the anchor and we were off! While we were the smallest boat and had no electricity to hoist our anchor we were still the first ones out of the harbour and the first ones to drop anchor at flats F where we waited to be measured. I made signs that said Seamonkey (I think they are quite beautiful) because we haven't put our sticker on yet and then we waited, and waited and watched someone not as good as waiting jump the queue and got in front of us... UUUGGGGG I hate pushy people. Anyway, our guy Daniel eventually came over to measure us and came down below to do paperwork, He was already looking a little peaky and coming downstairs didn't help. By the time we were done he was quite green.  I hope the seasickness medicine and cold cloth I gave him helped.  So there we are, all measured and calling at 6 tonight to find out when we go through.  So back to our anchorage near Club Nautico Caribe we went, but wouldn't you know it another 5 boats moved in today so there is hardly any room here.  We eventually found a place to park and made it to the bank to part with too much money for the transit. ouch... Back home and a rest then Phil went to deal with Mr. Fumigation to get our certificate for Galapagos, apparently he was upset that i didn't come too.  But we got our certificate anyway.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it was probably the third time I have been left alone on the yacht. Enjoying a most wonderful Skype with my mama when a HUGE HORRID HONK came from behind me, from a giant rusting green hulk of a ship behind me that hadn't moved for the entire week we've been here so far. THen honked and honked and I ran in a circle and had to move. On my own. In 15 knots of wind... without Phil. SO, I remembered to turn on the engine water, then to turn on the battery, then the blower which i subsequently forget to turn off and I started the engine.  Then... forward... run to the bow... pull up as much as I could (3 feet, maybe 5 of our 100 feet of chain), Phil says it was probably 5-10 feet but anyway... pull pull pull lock off, run to the back put it in forward, run to the front and I realized it was a lost cause, a shrug to the angry ship, some finger pointing directing them around me,, another angry honk, forward, pulll pull pull and then... oh and then lovely Nicholas from the boat next door yelled over "do you need help" and all I could say was YES HELP so his lovely wife dropped him off and he pulled up the anchor as I drove, Phil came back mid manoeuvring and helped with the last bit, adn now we are back nearly anchored where we were, not as much space as either of us are comfortable with but it will have to do for now. At least I have internet, and a heineken what a day... Phew.. I hope that is the excitement done for now.  We phone at 6 pm to find out when our transit will be.  I will be glad to have some rest when it is all over and done! 

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