The weather is an incredible thing, here i am sitting in bermuda, slightly chilled (well it is 21 C people) and looking at pictures of SNOW!!!!  How is it that time of the year already.  I remember when I was clueless about weather, I would sometimes pack a raincoat, would often wear a hat and would just move faster if I was cold and a bit slower if I was too hot.  Now it seems like the weather rules our lives (and indeed it kind of does!).  We are almost moved out of the apartment.  By that I mean all of our worldly possessions that were not in round one of the move are currently sheltering under the porch in our back yard!  Yesterday was a windy wet day and when the move involves transport by land and sea windy and wet in an overloaded boat with salt spraying everywhere isn't exactly what we were looking for!  It was great tank rain and managed to get things so wet (although thankf  So then we start talking about weather windows, we have a window for moving (which is hopefully going to be this morning) and a window for leaving (not there yet, you have us here for at least another few days!), I have a weather window for wearing the cute clothes I'm leaving behind so it seems that whatever the conditions the weather has something to say about what we are doing. 
    Yesterday was a fabulous rainy day, the kind of day that you light a candle and bake something and if you are lucky watch a movie.  I am going to miss those days, like I miss changing seasons, BUT there are positives (including not having to shovel!).  So, the SPF 50 is packed (going to pick up some 85 on the way), we are ready for some good weather, we have another 2-3 boat loads to go and then we should be living on our new/old home, the yacht, now known as the SV (sailing vessel) seamonkey!  Still feels like tonnes to do before we are ready to head down to the islands but we are getting there.  So enough procrastinating from me, I'm off to the races which roughly translates into emptying more of the kitchen cupboards!  In the meantime, happy birthday to Adrienne, John and Tucker!  and happy trick-or-treating to everyone else!

Maria Stefani
10/31/2011 12:40:10 am

I cant believe you are leaving!!!! it seemed so far away when you told us the plan...and now you are about to go!! when can i call you before you go??? do you still have your cell???

10/31/2011 02:18:37 am

Dear Jen and Phil....and sweet SEAMONKEY too! Thanks for keeping us "in the loop" as you get yerselfs ready to put to cool! You are almost underway with yr Great Adventure!! We are with you in spirit and look forward with great vicarious pleasure to sharing your voyage and cheering you onward! Yes! please give our best to Shrimpy on St Maarten and enjoy every inch of the way in every day....the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Trust yourselves and trust your good boat...and take your time! Patience and perseverance all the way! With love and strength and courage.....'ave a good watch mates! Nat and Betsy and BAHATI


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