Dear Panama Canal, we are hoping to come and see you around mid afternoon tomorrow. Please be nice to us!
Love Jen
So... we have 4 giant lines on board, 6 tires, 4 fenders, 2 soon to be made friends on the way, 1 young and only spanish speaking line handler and meals in progress....
So, the plan is that we are going to be entering th Gatun locks and will be lifted 85 feet in 3 steps to the Gatun lake where we will spend the night (but not go swimming because it sounds like there are crocodiles in it) the chambers can handle ships up to 950 feet and a width of 106 feet (so our 34 x 10 should be quite spacious I think!).  52 million gallons of water will take us from one ocean to another, hard to believe.  we are heading southbound are most likely going to be following a big ship that is already in the lock.  As the water fills up, we tighten the lines to make sure we don't move from our position.  The next day we motor 30 miles to Pedro Miguel lock past the smithsonian tropical research institue and finally the milaflores lock which has 2 chambers (we enter ahead of the ship in this one it sounds like). Then we are out, finding a mooring or anchoring spot and in the pacific, simple as that! We'll let you know

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