Well, Here we are with not that many weeks to go.  Boy time does slide by quickly when there is lots to get done!  I just got back from a fabulous few weeks visiting friends and family, precious time for sure.  Saw new houses, new babies, old friends.  It was a great break.  Unfortunately Phil wasn't quite as lucky. I left him holding down the fort, building a hard top for our new solar panels, installing the deck shower (so I can finally get rid of the salt BEFORE heading down below), new wiring, new hatches, new salt water pump  and the list continues!  He did an amazing job to say the least and is still doing it as we speak!

     We are also almost done with the orders, the day after I got back we got our last big one, sails, watermaker and tonnes of other fun new things including "The Beagle", soon to be introduced on our "fleet" page our new inflatable kayak.  I really, really really wanted to inflate it and try it in the pool, but logic (aka Phil) took over and we are waiting for a water launch after the work is done. 
    Main goals for this week for Phil include as per usual working on the boat!  I am going to be sanding down the wood work and keeping in mind that I absolutely detest sandpaper and have to wear gloves just to touch the stuff you will realize how much I want to help!  We are also getting into the throws of packing a one bedroom apartment into a 34 foot boat.  Okay, our apartment isn't that big but 34 feet is feeling quite small right now.  If I get my act together I'll be taking pictures of that process too, especially as we will have about 7 feet of piling space before we hit the ceiling.   
      Stay tuned for more updates, now that we are on the final push I will be trying to get the skills to keep this a regular thing!  Hugs and Love to everyone
Jen and Phil

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