Although it seems to me that snails are moving uncommonly fast these days.  Every morning the sun comes up and the boxes and bags stare at me from the corner of my room.  Amazing how much stuff can get collected in a few years and how attached to it I get!  Here is the general outline of a day, pack a box, realize I packed something I need, unpack the box, realize I'm being silly, repack the box hen realize we actually need the box to transport things to the boat, unpack the box, put appropriate boat things in it, tie it to my bike, drive to the wharf closest to our boat, give it to Phil on our little whaler,head home, repeat.  Despite that we are making progress, water maker is mid installation, wiring miraculously sounds like it is done!  Kitchen things for the boat, mostly packed, and so we just keep on keeping on.  Today's tasks, 1. Relax, 2. Clean out the water tanks, 3. Go for a swim!!! and of course, try to enjoy the journey (even the small one which include strapping overloaded boxes onto bikes and boats!)
10/17/2011 06:11:56 am

Awesome! Sounds like such a fun adventure. Really happy for you guys. Good luck on your final prep.



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