What to say about it... Things I like: french cheese, tiny vans that you pretend are buses to get around, cheap wine, calm nights, birds and fish everywhere, Things I don't like: rubble pits that I fall in, swell, not wanting to swim in the water.  It has been a really good week here, lots of resting, a few good finds (hooray Geminga internet once we got you working!). I've been surprised that the prices of things are really similar to Bermuda, makes me glad for all of the provisioning I did while I was there. I've had a chance to catch up with a few of you (and hugs to those I haven't) and we've both had a chance to rest and relax a bit.  Today's adventure, a load of laundry (or two) which are now strung from end to end in the boat because I couldn't manage to get a token for the drier!  Okay, off of the internet soon, going to try to get some more pictures up and HUGS to you all!!!!

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