Sitting in a cafe in the shade with mist coming from the roof to cool us down (although not sure how good it is for the computer!).  Most decadent internet we've had yet!  The weather is gorgeous, we have finally dealt with the trauma of the leaking bedroom (oh I didn't tell you, on passage it seems a fair amount of sea water found its way to my side of the bed, lots of wet clothes, thank heavens I was the ziplock queen!), handwashed cushions and finally made a bed and slept all night, what a great thing that is!  Have to send some thank-you's especially to Marianne whose care package saw us through many long nights and hot chocolate welcomed us to St. Martin, Aunt Louise's supplies and so many other treats!  Other big news, our resident seamonster (very large baracuda) was back last night so between him and the naked french canadian on the boat beside us I've decided not to swim at the anchorage!  Well, bill has come, we're off to get veg adn fruits and to a french bakery, can't wait!  Still trying to get onto the pphoto plan... 
we made it!  A tiring adventure but so good to be here, 2.5 days of rain and we are finally starting to dry things out. The mountains are beautiful, there was a seamonster under the boat today (okay maybe just the biggest baracuda I've ever seen) and life is pretty good.  Don't have much time on the internet now but hopefully will be organiz
well we are almost on the road so to speak. I have to put the last things away and put the kettle on, Phil has gone to get the last thing that we forgot from 981 then we are motoring to St. George's to check out of customs, hopefully see some dear friends and then onwards!  Thank-you everyone and look forward to telling you about a fabulous passage when we get there (don't expect much for the next 7-14 days!)
Jen and Phil
Hi everyone! It looks like we are heading out tomorrow, down to St. George's and then onto the Atlantic by Sunday morning, St. Martin here we come!!!  We won't be in touch quite as often and pictures are slow to be posted, but looks like the adventure is truly about to begin!  Thank-you everyone for the tasty treats (Marianne), the fun drinks (dockies crew), and all of the love, this wouldn't be possible without you guys!
Was frightful.... but now is beautiful.  We missed a weather window to sail south so now still working away trying to finish the last minute things and be ready and waiting for the next one.  Apparently we have enough food for a nuclear fallout and enough toilet paper too! still finding corners on the boat to hide things away.  It has been 10 days of windy stormy weather, it is so nice to be on the water with the sun shining and no wind.  what a break!  Unfortunately as it is coming out of the south we will be watching for our window which looks like it might be this coming saturday. Will try to let you all know!
First time writing on this from the "communication station" with internet on the boat! Very exciting except every time we swing away from the wireless signal we lose connection, working on that. It has been a week of windy wet weather, not ideal but we are making it through.  The goal of today is to have the boat "ship shape" we'll see if I can actually manage putting everything in its place for once in my life!  Tropical depression Sean is swirling around in the waters near bermuda so not heading anywhere yet, but departure day grows ever nearer, possibly as early as this coming Sunday!  Hugs to everyone reading and let me know if you want any more info. I promise to try very hard to get our "getting ready" pictures up soon.  But right now the scramble to move everything off the boat and onto 981 wins out!
Thats right folks we are on the boat!!! no more apartment!  Hopefully will have the internet up and running soon and then the "getting ready" pictures will be posted! its all happening!  Departure day is approaching. stay tuned!
Thank heavens for angels in disguise who clean floors and paint walls.  Thank heavens for friends that help choose clothes, that offer cars and come over on rainy days.  Thank heavens for everyone who has let us borrow their wheels, whether they are driving or not!  Thank heavens for kindness and sharing of meals and warm showers and candles that serve many purposes from creating a lovely scent in our house to making sure the webbing strap for our new awning doesn't run.  Thank heavens for all of you!  One more load to clear out of the house, one more night in Windsong then we are off to the races!